Keeping your printing costs under control

Pcounter functions: Time to call your print costs to account! 

Reporting: This basic function reports on all document production activities in your network, supplying analyses that can be user-, workgroupor project-related. Alternatively, you can request a system-related report to control costs from a specific printer or copier and discover if its capacity is not being cost-efficiently exploited.

Document routing: It often makes more sense to prevent print costs from occurring in the first place – and that’s no problem with Pcounter. This software tool allows you to define your own print or copy rules, e.g. automatic re-routing to a more economical system when a print job ex - ceeds a pre-set page limit. Users are automatically notified by e-mail or a pop-up message where their jobs are printed.

Cost accounting: In project business it is often possible to pass the print or copy costs onto a customer – but only if you can account for the costs and allocate them to a specific project. Again this is no problem with Pcounter.

Pcounter offers you all the relevant, commonly required accounting functions:

  • Regulated printing (deleting or stopping jobs, etc.)
  • Capturing print jobs in all applications
  • Load balancing between systems
  • Network broadcast news (e.g. in case of re-routing)
  • Administration from any Windows workplace
  • Logging of all print activities
  • Pcounter modules:
  • Smart add-ons to optimise your print process

Pcounter offers a number of additional modules that allow you to further optimise your document production process:

Pcounter Web Report: This add-on allows you to produce graphic-rich, web-based analyses. All print job details are safely captured and stored in reports that can take a wide variety of forms. Print jobs can be analysed by:

  • User
  • System
  • Cost centre
  • Number of pages
  • Number of print jobs
  • Day and time

Pcounter Workstation Manager:

This add-on enables local printers (USB or parallel) to be integrated in the accounting system and communicate with the server-based Pcounter main module. As a result, jobs can be remotely deployed from the main server to local work -stations where they are recorded and logged.

Pcounter Embedded:

This add-on means print jobs can be retrieved from the server from any networked print system, which makes a follow-me printing* concept easy to implement. Once a print job has been placed on the network, users can decide where they want to the job to be printed. This offers the advantages of maximum flexibility, additional options in heavy printing periods and improved printout availability.